Technical Quality Management and Supervision

As an authorised investment and technical manager, we are able to provide high level technical, financial advice and controlling of the conversion of new or existing buildings. The key to a project's success, according to our long-term professional experience, is to find and involve a competent professional partner at the earliest stage of the project planning, who can manage both the design and the construction side as thoroughly as possible and this is what we stand for. 


Certified BIM manager with unique experience

In our previous practices, we have had the privilege of working on prestigious international projects on some of the world's most challenging engineering projects. All of these projects were carried out with a BIM approach, which made it essential to generate highly accurate 3D models. In order to study and design the most sophisticated nodes, it is inevitable that these are developed and studied. This approach is not only required for award-winning buildings such as the Twist Museum in Kistefos or the Doha metro stations, but also for any construction project of any scale and with a high technical content.


Design and structure expertise

A well-developed plan is the basis for any well-organised and efficient construction project. With 15 years of experience in design and construction, we can immediately spot design errors or deficiencies that could hold up the project or upset the financial bottom line. During our expertise we identify and document these and make recommendations for reconsideration or modification. 


Façade and roof cladding expertise

We have more than 150 000 m2 of roof and facade cladding experience. Design, production and installation all in one hand. We are able to help with the structural design part and modelling, which are key elements to any tpye of buildings. 


Investment expertise and CRISIS management (financial, technical)

Before the project would start, it is important to evaluate not just the cost of the construction, but profitabilty of the development. 

RISK management, ROI and P&L calculation developed specifically for the project. 


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